Duk J Bio

“I’m a soft spoken, lover boy. Humble, but yet very vibrant. I’m somewhat reserved, but very outgoing and imaginative! That’s what allows me to be free with my creative writing. Whenever I’m on stage, I love to laugh, while giving 100% percent of our musical style and energy to the crowd.” ~Duk J

Eccentric and mesmerizing are two dynamic words that can describe Regulaz, lead singer, vocal sensation, Jason “Duk J” Dick. “I love singing and dancing and having a good time,” and it shows when on stage with his boys, Regulaz Members, Kerdell “Nessy” Phillips and Ishmael “Sween” Haynes.

A late bloomer to the music game, Duk J, did not discover his true passion and interest in the profession, until the tender age of 17. Watching his older brother, Sween, endlessly, make music. “It seemed to amaze me how he could arrange his lyrics and use his voice as an instrument within any song,” he says. This inspired Duk J to, secretly, try his hand at writing his own lyrics, which grew into him eventually writing and arranging his own songs. His love for the art grew, and propelled him forward for the next year studying different genres of music, while focusing on developing his own musical style.

“One of my favorite actives is to be in a writer’s session, which sharpens my musical writing skills. While creating something amazing with other writers.”

His cousin Nessy and big brother Sween’s, began getting attention in their Paradise Height (Morvant Avenue, Port of Spain) community, in Trinidad and Tobago, for writing and rapping around the neighborhood. Duk J was ready to showcase his talents. Both, Nessy and Sween, were surprised at Duk J’s songwriting and musical arrangement and encouraged him to keep at it. They encouraged him by saying things like, “It’s in your blood.” “You can do it!” These kind words of encouragement, reassured Duk J and gave him the confidence needed to continue perfecting his craft, until he found his own voice and style.

They encouraged me by saying things like, “It’s in your blood.” “You can do it!” This gave Duk J the confidence needed to start perfecting his craft, until he found his own voice and style.

Now here he is with Regulaz.

“It was not much of a decision to start the group, as we are related by blood, very close, and grew up in the same Paradise Heights neighborhood with all same friends. I love the joy that I get when I’m singing on stage or off. Music allows me to be free and to express myself in way that are imaginative and not reserved.”