Nessy Bio

“I’m the unpredictable one. I like to do things that set me apart from the crowd. I’ll be the first one to run and jump into a crowd full of screaming fans and love every minute of it. I bring energy in my rap flow to Regulaz, as a group, as a whole. On the other hand, I am very business minded and am a neutralizer, who keeps things stable and on track. That’s pretty ironic that the unpredictable one, is also the balanced one. 😊 ~ Nessy

As a kid, Rapper and Regulaz member, Kerdell “Nessy” Phillips, was always fond of music. He had an affinity for it, but did not exert any real effort in learning it till around the age of 7 or 8. By age 8, Nessy found himself enamored with art-form, and searched for ways to learn everything he could about music and how to make it.

“Growing up in Paradise Heights, Morvant Lavantille ,Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago,, I would hear 2Pac (aka Tupac Shakur) every day, because one of my neighbors would blast their music so loud. I would go over to their house to purposely play video games to learn every single song that played in the background of those games.”

To Nessy’s recollection, this was his first experience and awareness with music.

Soon after, he would listen to many of the hottest records on the radio, at the time, and rewrite the lyrics to each of them in his own words. From there, he continued to practice his songwriting skills, which expanded his level of creativity and his ability to write full songs, instantly, from scratch. It was in these moments, Nessy discovered he had an innate love for music, and that becoming a performing artist was the path he wanted to take in life.

“I started creating songs, always imagining myself on a stage or in a studio. “I would take my sister’s laptop and use her hairbrush as a mic- imagining I’m in a studio- singing all the lyrics to every song that played on the radio.

This helped Nessy to build up the confidence to rap for his neighborhood friends and family members. To his surprise, everyone was impressed he could rap, which gave him the courage to join the neighborhood daily rap sessions that some people had started, back then. After all, practice makes perfect.

“The more I spit the more my name got out there.”

His cousin, Sween, already known for his rhyming techniques throughout the neighborhood, heard Nessy one day. Next thing anyone knew, Nessy and Sween, joined forces and started writing and attending rap sessions, together. A few months later, the two heard Duk J (Sween’s brother and Nessy’s cousin) singing and rapping, and the trio was formed.