Sween Bio

“Ever since I was an infant, I’ve always been attracted to music. I can remember my mother waking up early Sunday mornings singing while playing her favorite records. We were never too far away from her and was always dancing and singing alongside her. My older sister wrote a song for me and made me learn it word for word. Little did I know, it would serve as my first stage in training to becoming a professional artist and writer. Ever since then, I’ve been remixing songs I would hear on the radio and creating my own parody versions.”

~Sween, Regulaz

A mystical phenomenon in his own right, rapper, Ishmael “Sween” Haynes, is the quiet calm behind the success of Regulaz. A fierce protector of his artistic expression and family, Sween’s fearlessness and daring audacity in his approach to life and music brings a certain calm, peace, and excitement in his lyrical deliverance that can be felt deep within those who hear him rap. Sween is music and music is Sween.

As an adolescent, Sween, captivated his community of Paradise Heights, in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, with his poetic style and grew to become a local sensation. Following in his sister’s footsteps, Sween made the choice to take music seriously and begin to study and perfect his flow, his writing and lyrical technique, and control of rhythm.

“I can still to this day, hear my sister’s influence and style throughout my music.”

His cousin, Nessy, also began to develop a name for himself in the Heights and the two started to grow and practice together. After Sween’s younger brother, Duk J, found himself bitten with the musical bug as well, the three formulated the group, Regulaz. The family that makes music together, stays together; and they are the living proof that family and business can mix, if you love what you do.